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For the Daily Ritualist- Frequent Use Travel Set $71.00

Hair that is frequently washed needs to be subjected to a ritual that unites delicate cleansing, hydration and invigoring with protection from oxidating, mechanical and thermal stresses tied to styling. The DAILY ACT line supplies the right combination of hydration, protection and shine, increases strength and resistance and prevents the formation of split ends.


Transform Your Daily Wash into a Luxurious Experience with our Frequent Use Travel Set featuring:

  • frequent use hair & scalp bath

  • frequent use conditioner

  • plant & mineral refresh

  • trama travel bag

For the Moisture Seeker- Moisturizing Travel Set $81.00

Dry hair appear arid, dull and break easily. To obtain soft and bouncy hair we need to supply them with the components they lack most: water and lipids. For this reason, the MOISTURIZING line uses a synergy of ingredients which are maximally nutritious, like Murumuru butter and Macadamia oil, organic Honey and biodynamic Hazelnut. A rich and precious blend which renders hair shiny and silky giving them an inebriating softness.


Quench Your Hair's Cravings and Say Goodbye to Dryness with our Moisturizing Travel Set featuring:

  • moisturizing hair bath

  • moisturizing hair mask

  • nurturing drops

  • trama travel bag

For the Natural Curl Enthusiast- Curl Travel Set $60.00

The synergic treatments in the BECURLY line acts the needs of curly hair at 360°. The hair bath and mask favor rehydration and help detangle knots, carrying nutrients and sealing scales that, in curly hair, often result lifted determining dullness. Curly potion is an honest to goodness bounce elixir, which with its fine texture, gives support, definition and separation. The synergy of biodynamic Licorice, organic Hypericum and ethical Crabwood give nourishment, bounce and vigor.


Achieve the Perfect Curl Definition with our Curl Travel Set featuring:

  • curly hair bath

  • curly hair mask

  • curly potion

  • trama travel bag

For the Home Enthusiast- Luce Candle $48.00

Scented with essential oils of plants from Ortofficina, Oway's zero- mile agricultural estate, including delicate notes of Lavender and Fennel, LUCE is the perfect design accessory for turning your space into a harmonious aromatherapy journey. This candle infuses the room with a sensory atmosphere featuring scent notes from Oway's biodynamic production.


Shine a light with our limited-edition LUCE candle.

  • Featuring Lavender and Fennel essential oils cultivated at Ortofficina.

  • Designed to become drinking glasses once the candle wax is gone.


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